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How do you get a concealed carry permit?

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Obtaining a concealed carry permit entails important legal responsibilities and procedures.

Meet the Criteria for Eligibility

Await the Application Decision

Essential Steps to Take

Collect Docs & Apply

What Are Requirements for CCW?

In many states, the eligibility criteria for firearm license applicants typically include being at least 21 years old, undergoing an approved firearms safety training, and having no disqualifying criminal convictions. While a few states might allow those as young as 18 to apply, they could have stricter rules concerning misdemeanor convictions. It's also essential for applicants to be legal residents of the state where they seek to obtain the license.

Completing Your Application

"In your concealed carry permit application, it's imperative to include detailed information about your background, criminal history, and firearms training. Accuracy is crucial to avoid any potential setbacks or rejections during the application process. Additionally, be sure to cover the application fee, which varies from state to state and jurisdiction to jurisdiction, ensuring you meet all the necessary requirements for a successful application."

Simple Process

Approval Timeline and Notification Process

After sending in your concealed carry permit application, it usually takes from a few weeks to several months for approval, depending on your state's protocols. You'll get notified via mail or email when a decision is reached. Those approved will get detailed permit instructions, and denied applicants will receive appeal instructions. Stay patient during this waiting period and refrain from carrying a concealed firearm until you're officially approved.

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